What is the Internet of Things or IoT?

Although it’s often spoken of as a future phenomenon, the Internet of Things is arguably already with us, albeit still in its infancy. Here we look at examples of technologies in use or in development which conform to this idea.

Stanley Healthcare

Stanley Healthcare offers IT solutions including products, services and data analytics to help deliver excellence in hospitals and patient care settings.

Smart Pill Dispensers – MedMinder

Specialising in smart pill dispensers through connected devices, MedMinder is a healthcare technology company based in Needham, USA. You can help your mother / father / loved one stay independent with MedMinder's elderly-friendly pill dispenser. The automated,...

Crestron Automation Technology

Crestron Electronics is a automation technology company in New Jersey, USA that creates control systems for the home, healthcare providers, business offices and more. This Microsoft Partner leverages the latest IoT (Internet of Things) technologies to create secure,...