Stanley Healthcare IT solutions help to improve patient safety, security for infants, staff & facilities, clinical ops & workflow, supply chain & asset management and more.

Healthcare IT solutions from Stanley


Stanley Healthcare Tech solutions include products, services and data analytics tools to help deliver excellence in hospitals and health / patient care environments.

The company has locations in Waltham Massachusetts (HQ) and Lincoln New England in the US, with a further base in Singapore.

Their healthcare IT products have uses in:

  • Staff workflow management
  • Patient fall monitoring
  • Indoor navigation and digital wayfinding
  • Healthcare inventory and asset management
  • Patient flow for ED, clinics and the OR
  • Nurse call integration
  • Hand hygiene compliance management

This healthcare IT solutions company improves efficiency, safety / security and service in settings that include ICU, nursing stations, labor units, home health and senior living settings, medical and surgical environments and more.

Products include staff, asset and patient tags, mobile apps, hand hygiene monitors, staff, patient and cost analytics, fall monitoring solutions, emergency calls, wander management, wireless pendants and much more.

Their website has been established for over 8 years and our research suggests that it has visibility when people search for:

  • Health care technology
  • Inventory management
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Computerized maintenance
  • Clinic workflow
  • Patient tracking systems
  • Healthcare solutions
  • and thousands more related topics…

Contact details:

Stanley Healthcare
North America +1 (888) 622-6992
International +1 (781) 216-9200