Web Technologies

Smart Pill Dispensers – MedMinder

Specialising in smart pill dispensers through connected devices, MedMinder is a healthcare technology company based in Needham, USA. You can help your mother / father / loved one stay independent with MedMinder's elderly-friendly pill dispenser. The automated,...

What is Cloud Computing?

More and more organisations are benefiting from cloud computing technology, which refers to resources being delivered remotely, often via the Internet. When applications and databases are run ‘on the cloud’, the running of these systems is outsourced to the cloud...

e-Commerce Software Company – Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce software company based in Ottawa, Canada providing online payment processing payment and customer loyalty systems to website owners worldwide.

How to Choose the Best Web Hosting for Your Site

Easy to use web hosting is essential for getting your website up and running and on the internet. However, with so many providers out there, it can be tricky to know how to choose the best web hosting for your site. We thought a checklist of things to consider would...

The Best CRM Software

Are you looking for the best CRM software to help organise your sales, marketing and support efforts? There is an ever growing and ever improving range of CRM (customer relationship management) systems on the market, increasingly available via the cloud to make access...

Chromebooks vs Laptops

If you are choosing your next computer and weighing up the pros and cons of Chromebooks vs laptops then hopefully this post will explain the difference and help you decide.
After a lot of research, I recently bought my first Chromebook – an Acer C720 – as my laptop is on its way out with various issues, so I can explain my personal situation and reason for this choice.