Best IT Helpdesk Software

Best IT Helpdesk Software

A good IT helpdesk software system can help companies to oil the wheels of their support desk in order to speed throughput and increase customer happiness.

How to Choose an LMS Provider

Here we offer advice on how to choose an LMS provider, with info on the top elearning software and companies offering expert services in managing them.

Stanley Healthcare

Stanley Healthcare offers IT solutions including products, services and data analytics to help deliver excellence in hospitals and patient care settings.

e-Commerce Software Company – Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce software company based in Ottawa, Canada providing online payment processing payment and customer loyalty systems to website owners worldwide.

The Best CRM Software

Are you looking for the best CRM software to help organise your sales, marketing and support efforts? There is an ever growing and ever improving range of CRM (customer relationship management) systems on the market, increasingly available via the cloud to make access...

Cammax Kiosks and Monitors

Established in 1999, Cammax Limited are UK manufacturers and suppliers of touch screen kiosks and monitors for the public and private sectors. Their website at details their range of solutions that include indoor and outdoor kiosks that act as...