What is the Internet of Things or IoT?

Although it’s often spoken of as a future phenomenon, the Internet of Things is arguably already with us, albeit still in its infancy. Here we look at examples of technologies in use or in development which conform to this idea.

What is Cloud Computing?

More and more organisations are benefiting from cloud computing technology, which refers to resources being delivered remotely, often via the Internet. When applications and databases are run ‘on the cloud’, the running of these systems is outsourced to the cloud...

What is Big Data?

The term ‘big data’ is widely discussed in the field of analytics for large organisations, and leading companies across diverse industries are taking note of how the analysis of information they collect can drive business improvement. So what is big data? Well,...

Chromebooks vs Laptops

If you are choosing your next computer and weighing up the pros and cons of Chromebooks vs laptops then hopefully this post will explain the difference and help you decide.
After a lot of research, I recently bought my first Chromebook – an Acer C720 – as my laptop is on its way out with various issues, so I can explain my personal situation and reason for this choice.