Specialising in smart pill dispensers through connected devices, MedMinder is a healthcare technology company based in Needham, USA.

Smart pill dispensers from Medminder

You can help your mother / father / loved one stay independent with MedMinder’s elderly-friendly pill dispenser. The automated, electronic pillbox system can telephone, email and text caregivers and families about missed medications in order to help the user stay safe when living alone.

Timed pill dispensers feature auditory and visual reminders to take medications, making them helpful for those with sight or hearing problems. The user can also receive a med reminder by phone.

If a dosage is missed, then caregivers can receive notification via phone, email or text message. Multiple recipients can be selected. The user does not require a landline phone, internet connection, mobile phone or computer, as the device has its own mobile phone system to connect with the MedMinder monitoring station.

Versions include locked pill dispensers to help prevent medications being taken at the wrong time, which unlock automatically at the correct times. The automatic medicine dispenser can be filled with up to four weeks of medication in advance, depending on the daily dosage.

Automatic refill trays can help organisation of complicated drug schedules in advance, making it possible to greatly reduce the risk of medication errors. They can work as talking devices, with the option of using custom messages with a friendly or even familiar voice for reminders and optional positive feedback after correct doses.

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MedMinder provides solutions that simplify medication management and improve adherence to scheduled doses. They aim to be a healthcare service agency that empowers the elderly, those with chronic health conditions and people with disabilities to maintain independence and avoid the need for support in hospital or a long-term care facility.

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