If you are an education leader or network administrator, here we look at the need for good IT support for schools in the UK, and some of the leading companies who you help you.

The biggest headaches for schools across the United Kingdom (and probably worldwide) are saving money and saving time for their teachers. For education providers who do not have dedicated technical staff, being able to draw on the expertise of a company that specialises in providing IT support for schools can be invaluable.

More and more teaching, and even school administration, involves the use of information technology in the form of at least computers and often the use of online technologies, such as learning platforms and administrative tools, such as Capita SIMS. Such tools arguably save a lot of time for schools, but with the use of technology comes risk. Educational administrators need to feel sure that data is backed up in the event of IT failure, and that incoming and outgoing data transfer via the Internet is kept confidential.

In many schools, students spend considerable time using the Internet as part of lessons, so the sites that they can access and what can reach their screens must be strictly filtered as part of an overall safeguarding strategy.

Larger schools, including many secondaries, will have in-house IT experts. For those that don’t, a trustworthy IT company to deliver support will enable teachers to confidently get on with doing what they do best – teaching.

Below are some specialist companies offering IT support for UK schools:

LDD Group
Based in Leeds, LDD offer both educational and commercial IT solutions and support. Their dedicated Education division is an Adobe Education Reseller and a Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller at Silver Partner level. Their professionals are DBS checked and the company offers the full range of IT installation, training and ongoing support services to schools across West Yorkshire. You can click here to learn more about their school IT support solutions.
Telephone: 0113 224 2222

Based in London, Our ICT offer specialist IT support services to schools in the capital and across the South East of England. They work with primary schools, secondary schools, academies, colleges and adult education centres.
Learn more at their website.
Telephone: 020 3780 8157