Based in Seoul, South Korea, Samsung is the world’s largest IT company.
In 2012, the company had worldwide revenue of $200 billion.

In 2012, the company was reported as having over 370,000 employees.
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is a multinational electronics manufacturer and supplier, and is the flagship subsidiary company of Samsung Group.

The company has bases in 88 countries across the world with set-ups for manufacturing and sales / distribution.

As well as the company producing its own products under the Samsung brand, it produces electronic components for major companies such as Sony, Nokia, HTC and Apple. This products include microchips flash memory, hard drives, semiconductors and lithium-iron batteries.

Founded in 1969, Samsung is a provider of consumer electronics, home appliances, semiconductors and telecoms equipment.
Behind Apple, Samsung is one of the leading manufacturing manufacturers of smartphones and mobile phones, as well as tablet computers.

Since 2002 Samsung has been the world’s largest manufacturer of LCD panels and since 2006 has been the the worlds leading manufacturer of televisions.

Since 2011 Samsung Electronics has been the world’s largest technology.

For key areas of the Samsung operations can be broken down as digital media, semiconductor, LCD digital appliances, telecommunication network.

Within digital media, Samsung business manufactures a range of computers including laptops And tablets. It also produces related devices such as laser printers computer monitors and digital televisions.

Within the field of consumer electronics the company manufactures entertainment devices this includes digital camcorders, MP3 players and DVD players.

In the field of semiconductors, the business is a manufacturer of NAND flash memory, mobile TV receivers, SDRAM, smart cards, RF transceiver devices, SRAM, mobile application processors, Blu-ray Discs, image sensor technology and digital storage.

Samsung is a leading global provider of business IT, as well as consumer electronics.

Technologies that the company produces includes laser printers, multifunctional printers and green technology, including energy saving netbooks.

Samsung is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of digital cameras and digital camcorders. It is one of the most popular providers of digital storage media and has been an innovator in the field of large digital hard disk devices.

Samsung also innovates in the area of consumer entertainment devices and produced the worlds smallest DivX MP3 player more – the M1 MP3.

Despite dominance in many areas of information technology on a global level, the company culture is not to relax.
2010 the company’s chairman famously said “Samsung Electronics future is not guaranteed because most of our flagship products will be obsolete in 10 years from now”.